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Home And Office Plants

Home & Office Plants

Plants can add colour and vibrancy to an environment and turn a drab room or office in to something so much more.

The health benefits of plants are proven: they can improve the air quality by filtering harmful toxins but they can also have a powerful psychological effect on people.  They can reduce stress, improve concentration and provide an overall satisfaction with your environment.  Plants Make You Feel Better!

You can buy or hire from us, for short term, long term with maintenance.

Draceana Marginata

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Draceana Warnecki

Draceana Sandreana

Calathea (variation 1)

Calathea (variation 2)

Calathea (variation 3)

Calathea (variation 4)

Calathea (variation 5)

Calathea (variation 6)

Calathea (variation 7)

Aloe Vera


Sanserviera Trifasciata