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Air Filtering Plants

Air Filtering Flowering Plants

The Best Natural Air Filtering Plant

The best way to clean the air you breathe is to add some Anthurium andreanum to your environment. The Anthurium brings vibrant colours wherever they are placed while improving the air quality.

Our beautiful potted Anthurium plants are featured with variety of colours and make wonderful gift for your Home and Office.

Anthurium is native to Colombia and belong to the family Araceae. Commercially grown as a cut flower in Tropical countries.  Filtering harmful toxins and pollutants from the air. Eye catching waxy heart shape flower with vibrant colours and long last for many months. Flowering through out the year continuously. Very rarely leaves and flowers drop off. Ideal for Home and Office plant and very low maintenance.



Burgundy Brown




Air Filtering Foliage Plants

Draceana Marginata

Draceana Sandreana

Draceana Warnecki

Rhapis Excelsa